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Question 1

You are building a chatbot. You need to configure the chatbot to query a knowledge base. Which dialog class should you use?

A. AdaptiveDialog 
B. QnAMakerDialog 
C. ComponentDialog 
D. SkillDialog 

Question 2

You are building a social media extension that will convert text to speech. The solution must meet the following requirements: • Support messages of up to 400 characters. • Provide users with multiple voice options. • Minimize costs. You create an Azure Cognitive Services resource. Which Speech API endpoint provides users with the available voice options?

A. hesis/voices 
C. = {deploymentld> 

Question 3

Which property of a transactional workload guarantees that each transaction is treated as a single unit that either succeeds completely or tails completely?

A. isolation
B. atomicity
 C. consistency
 D. durability 

Question 4

You plan to build an app that will generate a list of tags for uploaded images. The app must meet the following requirements: • Generate tags in a users preferred language. • Support English, French, and Spanish. • Minimize development effort You need to build a function that will generate the tags for the app. Which Azure service endpoint should you use?  

A. Custom Vision image classification 
B. Content Moderator Image Moderation 
C. Custom Translator 
D. Computer Vision image Analysis 

Question 5

What is a characteristic of a non-relational database? 

A. full support for Transact-SGL 
B. a fixed schema
 C. self describing entities

Question 6

You are building a retail kiosk system that will use a custom neural voice. You acquire audio samples and consent from the voice talent. You need to create a voice talent profile. What should you upload to the profile?

A. a five-minute wav or mp3 file of the voce talent describing the kiosk system 
B. a five-minute .flac audio file and the associated transcript as a w file 
C. a .wav or mp3 file of the voice talent consenting to the creation of a synthetic version of their voice 
D. a .zip file that contains 10-second .wav files and the associated transcripts as .txt files 

Question 7

You have a SQL query that combines customer data and order data. The query includes calculated columns. You need to create a database object that would allow other users to rerun the same SOL query. What should you create?

A. an Index 
B. a view 
C. a scalar function 
D. a table 

Question 8

What should you use to automatically delete blobs from Azure Blob Storage?

A. the change feed 
B. a lifecycle management policy 
C. soft delete 
D. archive storage

Question 9

You are designing a conversational interface for an app that will be used to make vacation requests. The interface must gather the following data: • The start date of a vacation • The end date of a vacation • The amount of required paid time off The solution must minimize dialog complexity. Which type of dialog should you use?

A. Skill 
B. waterfall 
C. adaptive 
D. component

Question 10

Which scenario is an example of a streaming workload?

A. sending transactions daily from point of sale (POS) devices 
B. sending cloud infrastructure metadata every 30 minutes 
C. sending transactions that are older than a month to an archive 
D. sending telemetry data from edge devices 

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